The guitar sways under whiskey-smooth vocals, pulled to sparkling heights by spirited fiddle, and building to the spectacle of live musicians playing and breathing in unison. Soaring solos and rolling trills combine over a genuine grassroots rhythm creating an intimate patchwork of musical souvenirs.

Love Junkyard was born when Leesa Farrugia, a classically trained musician with an                                       ear for moving melodies, answered an ad in the paper calling  for a                                         vocalist for a gypsy jazz outfit. Leesa met guitarist Rob Davies                                             forming a spin-off duo that graced stages from community radio                                    stations and local watering holes to Melbourne’s top hotels and                                          national television broadcasts. Joined by renowned violinist Matthew Arnold, this trio have honed their performance into a life-affirming cabal that oozes grit, groove, character and charm.

From Nepalese temples to jazz bars in Laos, Morocco and Malta, these musicians have seen and played their share of the world’s corners acquiring an array of musical trinkets along the way. The result is a world-class blend of culture and sound that trips, sways and frolics with an easy, intimate atmosphere.

The band’s first 7” single release,                                          Produced by Greg Arnold (things of stone & Wood)sees the outfit                                                  veer away from their jazz-bar roots and onto a new path of                                                 original releases,  festival stages and uncharted audiences.

After more than two decades, this band is well-oiled, tightly-tuned and stage-ready         and these three musicians have a lot to say.